Saturday 23rd May
No Service

Sunday 24th May – 7th SUNDAY OF EASTER (CYCLE A)
10:30am – Mass – Sermon 24th May

Monday 25th May
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Tuesday 26th May
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Wednesday 27th May
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Thursday 28th May
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Friday 29th May
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Saturday 30th May
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Sunday 31st May – Pentecost Sunday
10:30am – Mass – Sermon 31st May and Sermon Addendum 31st May

If Fr Simon is unobtainable and you urgently need a Priest please phone the parish mobile: 07548 222133.  Please use this number for emergencies only i.e. where a priest is needed urgently.

Scam Email Warning

One of our parishes has once again been the target of a scammer who has attempted to impersonate the parish priest in order to get parishioners to send money to them in the form of gift cards.

This initial email was sent to gain a response:

“On 22 May 2020, at 08:38, Fr. (priest’s name) <>
Hi,Hope you are having a nice day?.
I need your help with something very important. Email me as soon as
you get my message.

Fr. (priest’s name)”

Notice how the scammer has formed an email name and address to make the recipient think that it is genuinely from the priest. Once the parishioner responded to this email, the following email was sent:

“OK. I’m in a meeting right now and I really don’t know when the
meeting will be rounding up .Can you help me order or get a Google
play card worth £500 at £100 denominations for a Seminarian of mine
that was tested positive with Covid-19. He needs the cards to download
his favorite Gospel musics and videos to boost his confidence to
enable him get rid of fear of the Covid-19 in the hospital. Can you
order or get the cards from any store around you and have it sent
directly to his email at the hospital today, I will pay back as soon
as i can. Thanks..”

I have also received a similar email:

From: Fr Simon O’Connor <>

Hi, i need a little favor from you, email me back as soon as you can

Sent from my Device

The scammer will find peoples email addresses on newsletters, websites or anything else which links them to the parish priest. Please remind all of your parishioners that this scam is ongoing and to NEVER send money or gift cards following an email request.

If anyone you know does receive such an email, please consider reporting it to Action Fraud by sending the information to this email: or by telephoning 0300 123 2020. For more information on Action Fraud please follow this link:

Sarah Williams

We want to get in touch with Sarah Williams who moved down to the South East a few months ago. If you have her new address (or the School where she teaches) could you please let Fr Simon know.


Winner: £40 Prize this week – Mrs Catherine Chilton

Sacred Space from Mairie @ St Nicholas

Dear All,

I hope that you and your communities are well.

Please find attached the weekly prayers and two liturgy and prayer resources for families. As it is half-term I don’t think CAFOD are providing resources but families can sign up for their Sunday Childrens Liturgy at

God Bless


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Sacred Space 7th Sunday Easter
TatH – 24.05.2020 – Lectionary based Resource

And my blog – usually on the Sunday gospel –
Mrs Mairie Gelling, Chaplain, St Nicholas Catholic High School

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