If you are a member of St Joseph’s community you will already know how friendly, generous, and above all, faithful, the people of St Joseph’s are. If you are not, then you still have that delightful discovery to make. We hope you will share with us often.

The church is a modern, versatile building. Some people prefer older traditional-shaped churches, but one advantage of our modern building is that the seating is flexible and comfortable, and the heating is both efficient and effective!

The Parish also has a highly respected and successful Primary School, sited just next door. On Sundays and for other busy events, the school car park provides a useful overflow to the church’s own car park.

St Joseph’s building incorporates a modern, comfortable and attractive social centre area, including a bar and kitchen. All are invited to have tea and coffee here after 11 o’clock Mass on Sunday and more exciting events are held here regularly.

Emergency Contact

Please use this number for emergencies only i.e. where a priest is needed quickly.

For non-urgent messages please either leave a message on the parish answerphone or contact Rebecca (details below).

Emergency Number: 07548 222133.



Meets on Wednesday evenings at 8pm
If you would like to know more please ring Derek Pearce (details below) and he can put you in touch with the AA organiser.

Parish Council