The 200 Club is the Parish Lottery. Members pay £48 per year (or £4 per month). A number is drawn weekly and the winner receives the £40 prize.

Half the money raised is paid out in prizes. The remaining half goes towards Parish Repairs, Maintenance and Development.

Currently there are around 70 members, but we would like to increase this number. If sufficient members can be recruited it would be possible to introduce a 2nd prize.

To join, please either;

  • Download the 200 Club Application Form (this needs to be printed and returned to Tony Montgomery).
  • Pick up an application form in the Church Porch.

Previous 200 Club Winners


November – Mr John Kealey
October – Mrs Pat Mundy
September – Mr Charles McTasney, Mrs Lorraine Penketh, Mrs Ethna Colgan
August – Mrs Patricia Snape, Mrs Mary Simpson, Mrs Victoria Cummings
July – Mrs Gloria Jones, Mrs Monica Magee, Mrs Kathryn Williams, Mrs Jane Phillips, Mrs Catherine Chilton
June – Mr Thomas Laffey, Mr Joe Davies, Mr Phil Martin
May – Mrs Catherine Kavanagh, Mrs Brenda Flannigan
April – Mrs Bernadette Eastwood, Mr Joseph Body, Mr George Snape, Mrs Ruth Vayro
March – Mr Philip Shaw, Mrs Lisa Chilton Evans, Miss Wendy Kearns, Mr Derek Pearce
February – Mr Tony Montgomery, Mrs Moira Rose, Mr Patrick Cahill, Mr Colin Williams
January – Mr David Haines, Mrs Maria Redfearn, Mrs Katharine Fallon, Mrs Vivienne Powell, Mr George Snape


December – Mr Oscar Vayro, Mr Colin MacKay, Mr John Joseph Body, Mr David Vayro
November – Mr Mark Kearns, Mrs Anne Johnson, Miss Margaret Cannon, Mrs Irene Duffy
October – Mrs Renette Jensen, Mrs Marie Noad, Mrs Alison Waldecker, Mrs Barbara Carney, Mr David Williams
September – Mrs Josephine Jones, Mr William Matthams, Mrs Elaine Parry, Mr and Mrs John & Elizabeth Keeley
August – Mrs Ann Hayes, Mr Dave Quinn, Mrs Margaret O’Hare, Mrs Geraldine Doherty
July – Mrs Elaine Birkett, Jane Chilton, Mr Ralph Ellis, Mrs Ethna Colgan, Mr Alex Zoka
June – Mrs Joan Fitzsimmons, Mrs Maureen Fennell, Mr Martin Kavanagh, Mrs Lorraine Penketh, Mr Martin Beveridge
May – Mr & Mrs Garner, Mr Charles McTasney, Mrs Mary Simpson, Mrs Jane Phillips
April – Mrs Sarah Williams, Mrs Pat Mundy, Mrs Mary Snape, Mr Paul Williams
March – Mr & Mrs P and J Murray, Mr Allen Scanlan, Mrs Kathryn Williams, Mr Bernard O’Hare
February – Mr Chris McCormack, Mr Patrick Cahill, Mrs Catherine Chilton, Mrs Patrina Emes
January – Mrs Monica Magee, Mrs Pat McQuillan, Mrs Lisa Chilton Evans, Mr John Henry Hughes, Mrs Bernadette Eastwood


December  – Mr Tony Montgomery, Mr Steve Orford, Mr Joe Davies, Mrs Gloria Jones
November – Mrs Brenda Flannigan, Mr Thomas Laffey, Mr Phil Martin, Mr Luca Vayro
October – Mrs Gloria Mundie, Mrs Claire Bennett, Mrs Barbara Carney, Mrs Anne Bradbury, Mr Edward Deane
September – Mrs Alison Waldecker, Mrs Beryl Harwood, Mr Colin Williams, Mrs Victoria Cummings
August – Mrs Margaret O’Hare, Mrs Moira Rose, Mrs Margaret Chwastek, Mrs Ruth Vayro, Mrs Catherine Cavanagh
July – Mrs Christina Shaw, Miss Wendy Kearns, Mrs Geraldine Doherty, Mrs Marie Noad
June – Mrs Katherine Fallon, Mr Peter Fox, Mrs Vivienne Powell, Mr George Snape
May – Mark Kearns, Mr Dave Quinn, Mrs Catherine Chilton, Mrs Maria Redfearn
April – Mr Oscar Vayro, Mr Colin Mackay, Mr Derek Pearce, Mr Joseph Body
March – Mr Ralph Ellis, Mrs Irene Duffy, Mr David Williams, Mrs Mary Simpson
February – Mr Paul Williams, Miss Margaret Cannon, Mrs Jane Phillips, Mr & Mrs Garner
January – Mr David Vayro, Mrs Anne Johnson, Mr Martin Kavanagh, Mrs Pat Snape, Mr Joe Davies


December – Mrs Gloria Jones, Mr Martin Beveridge, Mr & Mrs A J Reed
November – Mr & Mrs J Kealey, Mrs Elaine Birkett, Mrs Pat Mundy, Mrs Lisa Chilton Evans, Mrs Pat McQuillan
October – Mr William Matthams, Mrs Ann Cain, Mrs Lorraine Penketh, Mrs Elaine Parry
September – Mrs Ethna Colgan, Mr Charles McTasney, Mrs Joan Fitzsimmons, Mr Bernard O’Hare
August – Mr J H Hughes, Mr P T Cahill, Mrs K Williams, Mrs J Jones, Mr J Davies
July – Mrs Christina Shaw, Mr Colin Williams, Mrs Victoria Cummings, Mr Steve Orford
June – Sarah Williams, Mr Brian Doherty, Mr Chris McCormack, Mrs Margaret Chwastek
May – Mrs Beryl Harwood, Mr Peter Fox, Mrs M O’Hare, Mrs Catherine Chilton, Mrs Catherine Kavanagh
April – Mrs Katherine Fallon, Mrs Monica Magee, Mr Craig Quinn, Mr John Body
March – Mrs Moira Rose, Mr Vincent Acaro, Mr Allen Scanlan, Jane Chilton, Mrs Marie Noad
February – Mr Derek Pearce, Mr Mark Kearns, Mrs Aileen Hollinrake, Mrs Maria Redfearn
January – Mrs Gloria Mundie, Mrs Ann Hayes, Mrs Bernadette Eastwood, Mr David Haines


December – Mr George Chilton, Mrs Irene Duffy, Mr & Mrs Murray, Mr Edward Deane, Mr Alex Zoka
November – Mr George Snape, Mrs Brenda Flannigan, Mrs Claire Bennett, Mrs Maureen Fennell
October – Mrs Gloria Jones, Mr Paul Williams, Miss Margaret Cannon, Mrs Mary Simpson
September – Mr Colin Mackay, Mrs Barbara Carney, Sarah Williams, Mrs Joan Fitzsimmons, Mr & Mrs Garner
August – Mrs Josephine Jones, Mr Ralph Ellis, Mrs E Colgan, Mrs Vivienne Powell
July – Mr Brian Newton, Mr Joe Davies, Mr Steve Orford, Mrs Elaine Parry
June – Mr Colin McTasney, Mrs Elaine Birkett, Mr & Mrs J Kealey, Mrs Lorraine Penketh, Mrs Alison Waldecker
May – Mrs Anne Bradbury, Mr Thomas Laffey, Mrs Ann Cain, Mrs Renette Jensen
April – Mrs Joan Corteen, Mr Martin Beveridge, Mrs Pat McQuillan, Mr Brian Doherty
March – Mrs Brenda Flannigan, Mr Alex Zoka, Mr John Hughes, Mrs Patrina Emes, Mr William Matthams
February – Mr Phil Martin, Mr George Snape, Mrs Pat Mundy, Mr Thomas Coleman
January – Mr Brian Newton, Mrs Jane Phillips, Mrs Maria Redfearn, Mrs Katherine Fallon


December – Mr & Mrs P J Murray, Mr Martin Kavanagh, Mr Liam O’Hare, Miss Margaret Cannon, Mrs Monica Magee
November – Mrs Joan Corteen, Mr Chris McCormack, Mr Steve Orford, Mrs Beryl Harwood
October – Mrs Josephine Jones, Mr Colin Williams, Mrs Marie Noad, Mr John Rowbottom
September – Mr Colin Mackay, Mrs Anne Johnson, Mr & Mrs Kealey, Mrs Pauline Newton, Mr Bernard O’Hare
August – Mr Joe Davies, Mrs Mary Snape, Mrs Catherine Kavanagh, Mr David Haines
July – Mr Dave Quinn, Mr & Mrs Reed,  Mrs Renette Jensen, Mrs B Carney, Mrs M Simpson
June – Mrs M Rose, Mrs Frances Beck, Mr Ralph Ellis, Mrs Kathryn Williams
May – Mr David Williams, Mrs Elizabeth Dickson, Mrs Irene Duffy, Mrs P McQuillan
April – Mrs Elaine Birkett, Mrs Lisa Chilton Evans, Mr Peter Fox, Mr George Chilton, Mrs Christina Shaw
March –  Mrs Ann Hayes, Mr Charles McTasney, Mr Thomas Laffey, Mrs Claire Bennett
February – Mrs Christina McLeod, Mrs Anne Bradbury, Mr. William Matthams, Mrs. Ann Cain
January – Mr G Kavanagh, Mrs Bernadette Eastwood, Mrs Catherine Chilton


December – Mrs Ann Hayes, Mrs Christina Shaw, Mr Chris McCormack, Mr David Williams, Mrs Lorraine Penketh
November – Mrs K Williams, Mr J McTasney, Mr B O’Hare, Mrs V Powell
October – David Haines, Mrs E Dickson, Mr J Davies, Mr R Ellis, Mrs M Rose
September – Mrs J Fitzsimmons, Mr J Rowbottom, Mrs Chilton-Evans, Mrs E Parry
August – Mrs B Harwood, Mr C Williams, Mrs M Noad, Mrs B Flannigan
July – Mrs J Jones, Mrs E Birkett,  Mrs R Jensen, Mr Paul Martin, Mrs B Flannigan
June – Mr A Montgomery, Mrs P Rolfe, Mr P Williams, Mrs P Newton
May – Mrs E Ravenscroft, Mr MB Doherty, Mr G Chilton, Mr M Beveridge
April – Mr C Mackay, Mr & Mrs Garner, Mrs I Duffy,  Mr W Matthams, Mrs A Waldecker
March – Mrs A Cain,  Mr C Williams, Mrs A Bradbury, Mrs V Powell
February – Mr C McTasney, Mrs E Colgan, Mrs G Jones, Mrs B O’Grady
January – Mr A Zoka, Mrs M Rose, Mrs C Bennett, Mrs J Davies, Mr T Laffey


December – Mr C Quinn, Mr & Mrs A Reed, Mrs A Hayes, Mrs M Noad
November – Mrs P Mundy, Mr T Coleman, Mrs L Nairn, Mr P Fox
October – Mrs E Dickson, Mrs M Simpson, Mr J McTasney, Mr G Snape
September – Mrs B Carney, Mr D Haines, Mrs J Fitzsimmons, Mrs G Jones
August – Mrs L Chilton-Evans, Mr R Ellis,
July – Mrs K Fallon, Mr B O’Hare, Mr C McTasney, Mrs C Shaw, Mrs B Eastwood
June – Mr S Orford, Mrs C Chilton, Mrs AM Bradbury, Mrs M Redfearn
May – Mr J Davies, Mrs P Byrne, Mrs J Phillips, Mrs E Parry, Mrs CM Kavanagh
April – Mrs M Snape, Mr C McCormack, Mrs L Penketh, Mrs F Beck
March – Mr J Rowbottom, Mrs M Magee, Mr B Newton, Mr & Mrs Kealey
February – Mrs B Flannigan, Mrs K Williams, Mrs C Insley, Miss M Cannon
January – Mr D Williams, Mrs R Jensen, Mr P Martin, Mrs B Harwood