You can barely scroll through a few internet pages without getting ‘7 steps to success’ or ‘5 ways of winning’ or ‘Tips to the top’ – all intended to create a desire for a life, lifestyle, relationships or career that is all about the better us.

Something the disciples may well have had in mind given the chance. And if there is no other reason for reading scripture it is this one; to realise that God’s people have always been a doubting, meddling, anxious, cowardly, hesitant, wrangling lot. Which is why they are God’s people – knowing they wouldn’t get very far on their own.

And that God wouldn’t have it any other way. This time there is no bright lights, no unearthly voice, no ancestral fathers, no time to make a tent. There is – only Jesus. And Jesus tells the disciples that that he is enough. That they can keep all their faults, their feelings and their failings because he is enough.

How subversive is that? That you are good enough to do God’s work – just as you are?