Interestingly, mustard seeds are generally planted as an annual harvest. Jesus’ expectation that his ‘seedlings’ would be enough to thwart the traditions that had held so many captive. And that, like seedlings, it is the striving for light, for life, for transformation, that should sustain them allowing them to growRead More →

You can barely scroll through a few internet pages without getting ‘7 steps to success’ or ‘5 ways of winning’ or ‘Tips to the top’ – all intended to create a desire for a life, lifestyle, relationships or career that is all about the better us. Something the disciples mayRead More →

Jesus clearly finds it hard to leave us and for this reason he promises the Holy Spirit to act as our guide. The Spirit, the Essence of Life, is breathed into us many times during our journey of faith; we are energised by the sacraments and particularly the Sacrament ofRead More →