Saturday 20th June
No Service

Sunday 21st June – 12th SUNDAY IN ORDINARY TIME (CYCLE A)
10:30am – Sermon 21st June 2020

Monday 22nd June
No Service

Tuesday 23rd June
No Service

Wednesday 24th June
No Service

Thursday 25th June
No Service

Friday 26th June
No Service

Saturday 27th June
No Service

Sunday 28th June
10:30am – St Peter and St Paul and Desert Father story

Monday 29th June
No Service

If Fr Simon is unobtainable and you urgently need a Priest please phone the parish mobile: 07548 222133.  Please use this number for emergencies only i.e. where a priest is needed urgently.

Scam warning

Be aware of fraudsters targeting people during this time. Scammers have recently targeted by people claiming to be from their bank.

Information from the Met Police Little Scams booklet:
Nearly a third of all fraud is committed over the telephone.
Criminals may call and claim to be from your bank, the tax office or police and claim there is a problem with your bank account. They often state there are corrupt staff at your bank, or criminals have cloned your bank cards and request your assistance with the investigation.

Fraudster’s tactics

Criminals can disguise their phone number to make it look like it’s from a bank, the tax office, the police… or anyone. They can call you with what looks like a genuine phone number. They will keep your landline open by not hanging up and even play a dialling tone over the phone. They can send text messages requesting you call them, or click on a link. These messages usually appear in the same text thread as genuine messages. And send website links which can steal your data and money when you click on them. Never trust the caller ID display on your phone, it lies to you!

The information is from a Little Booklet of Phone Scams from the Metropolitan Police.


Winner: £40 Prize this week – Mr Chris McCormack

Sacred Space from Mairie @ St Nicholas

Dear all,

I hope you and your communities are doing well and you are managing the ‘opening up’ ok.

Here are the resources for this week. I hope that they are useful. I’ve included a prayer for Father’s Day at the beginning of Sacred Space.

God Bless

Sacred Space 12 OT
Back to school
I can pray…the weather

And my blog – usually on the Sunday gospel –
Mrs Mairie Gelling, Chaplain, St Nicholas Catholic High School

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