Saturday 11th December
5:15pm – Mass

Sunday 12th December – THIRD SUNDAY OF ADVENT (CYCLE C)
10:00am – Sermon 2021-12-12

Monday 13th December
10:00am – Mass

Tuesday 14th December
10:00am – Mass

Wednesday 15th December
10:00am – Mass

Thursday 16th December
10:00am – Mass

Friday 17th December
No Mass

Saturday 18th December
5:15pm – Mass

Sunday 19th December
10:00am – Sermon 2021-12-19

If Fr Simon is unobtainable and you urgently need a Priest please phone the parish mobile: 07548 222133. Please use this number for emergencies only i.e. where a priest is needed urgently.

Christmas Mass Times

Friday 24th December – 6pm.
If you wish to go to this Mass you will need to book in by contacting Phil Martin on 07720 807162 or by the Facebook page.

Saturday 25th December – 10am.
You don’t need to book for this Mass.

Newsletter Download: 529 12th December 2021 3rd Sunday of Advent-1