Today we hear a passage that hearkens back to Holy Thursday. It is Mark’s version of the Last Supper and the institution of the
Body and Blood of Christ. What a wonderful gift Christ has given us! He not only gave his life for us, he remains alive and present
to us in the celebration of the Eucharist! Jesus has not left us; He remains among us “alive and well.” He continues to love us, nourish us and grace us!

Jesus also calls us to live as he did. Jesus works among us in many and varied ways. And Jesus works through you and me. He calls us to pour out our lives and love to the people and the world around us!! We all have gifts to give. They may not be extraordinary, unusual or astonishing. Most likely the greatest gifts we have to give are our love, care, attention, time, listening, support and hope.

Today may be a good day to ask: what are the gifts that God/Jesus has given me? How do I share them with the people around me and with our world? Do I share them freely and spontaneously? Or do I only share them when I am asked to?

Each day we are called to follow in Jesus’ footsteps. He calls us to freely share what we have, even though it may seem insignificant to us. What we think is insignificant or small may be a great gift to someone we encounter today! Truly, we are the Body and Blood of Christ in our world today! We are to “pour ourselves out” as Jesus did! The question is: will we?